Baggy Cat media production can offer to shoot your commercial, corporate or drama, create visual effects, write the music and produce a finished product. We can even create mobile and desktop apps! Try clicking the icons at the top right.

Shooting and lighting has been Tim's main business for many years. He has shot hundreds of TV commercials and dramas, and is used to working very quickly and efficiently on a variety of budgets.

Tim has shot on a wide variety of broadcast and cine cameras. We can source any cameras or lighting equipment your project may need. We can also edit and grade footage.

We have created the visual effects for a number of TV ads and corporate videos. We can add composited CG elements to live action footage, or add footage to fully CG environments.

We can also offer tracked 'Photoshoping' of existing footage, replacing / removing elements, altering lighting or patching up backgrounds.


Tim started writing music for video games in the late 1980s, writing for games such as Ghouls & Ghosts, Bionic Commando, Solstice, Plok, Spiderman & the Xmen, Rock 'n' Roll Racing, Ecco The Dolphin, Starsky & Hutch, Lemmings and many more.

Tim has also produced a number of audio plays and created the sound scapes and effects for many games and audio projects.

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Starsky & Hutch

That ThemeRemake of the classic Tom Scott theme.
CreditsUsed during the end-credits.
Loop 1One of several tunes used during general gameplay.
Loop 2Another one of several tunes used during general gameplay.
Loop 3Another one of several tunes used during general gameplay.


Main ThemeTheme used at various points throughout the game, this version used on credits.
Loop 2Based on the cue First Floor from Bernard Hermann's Psycho soundtrack.
Atlas Training Ltd.Intended to reflect the pious and detached corporate attiude of Atlas.
Loop 3General gameplay piece used later in the game, to reflect the late hour.
Paul Comes CleanPaul admits selling students like commodities to other businesses.
Loop 4General gameplay piece for the last part of the game, at midnight.
The Last ConfessionThe murderer admits killing Kate Vine and is arrested.

Ecco The Dolphin

Far Lost SunIn-game music for scenes deep underwater.
Island ReflectionsUsed during scenes near an island.
Sea BedMore deep underwater music...
The FoeMeeting and battling The Foe.
The EelVery '70s music for a chase sequence.
Ecco Main ThemeMain theme music for the game opening.


ThemeWhimsical game theme...
Loop 1Used during general gameplay for the 'Egyptian' level.
Loop 2Used during general gameplay for the 'Cave' level.
Loop 3Used during general gameplay for the 'Roman Garden' level.

Future Tactics

Snow ThemeUsed when it begins to snow during on of the levels in the game.
Main TuneJethro Tull inspired main game tune
Casual FightingUsed during general gameplay.
Metal DeathUsed to signify the arrival of the end-level big bad 'boss.'


Crazy TaxiOTT rock!
Car AdSampled straight from Vaughan Williams' Flos Campi suite, without permission...


We have produced a number of apps and games, the biggest of which is Contradiction, an adventure game / murder mystery that uses live-action video for the entirety of the game play. It’s a brand new take on the concept of an interactive movie and brings the genre to a whole new level of playability. The game is currently available for PC, Mac and iPad, available through Steam, iTunes and soon the Humble (Bundle) Store.

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